Part One - Study Questions with Answers

  1. What is the world without in its relation to the world within?
    The world without is a reflection of the world within.
  2. Upon what does all possession depend?
    All possession is based on consciousness.
  3. How is the individual related to the objective world?
    The individual is related to the objective world by the objective mind; the brain is the organ of this mind.
  4. How are they related to the Universal Mind?
    They are related to the Universal Mind by the subconscious mind; the Solar Plexus is the organ of this mind.
  5. What is the Universal Mind?
    The Universal Mind is the life principle of every atom which is in existence.
  6. How can the Individual act on the Universal?
    The ability of the individual to think is their ability to act upon the Universal and bring it into manifestation.
  7. What is the result of this action and interaction?
    The result of this action and interaction is cause and effect; every thought is a cause and every condition an effect.
  8. How are harmonious and desirable conditions secured?
    Harmonious and desirable conditions are obtained by right thinking.
  9. What is the cause of all accord, harmony, abundance and freedom?
    Accord, harmony, abundance and freedom are the result of right thinking.
  10. What is the source of all powers?
    The source of all power is the world within, the Universal Fountain of Supply, the Infinite Energy of which each individual is an outlet.

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