Part Eighteen - Page 1

  1. There is a change in the thought of the world. This change is silently transpiring in our midst, and is more important than any which the world has undergone since the rise of science.
  2. The present revolution in the opinions of all classes, the highest and most cultured as well as those of the laboring class, stands unparalleled in the history of the world.
  3. Science has of late made such vast discoveries, has revealed such an infinity of resources, has unveiled such enormous possibilities and such unsuspected forces.
  4. A new civilization is being born; of vision, faith and service. Thought is being liberated and truth is rising full robed before an astonished multitude.
  5. The whole world is on the eve of a new consciousness, a new power, and a new realization within the self.
  6. Physical Science has resolved matter into molecules, molecules into atoms, atoms into energy, and it has remained for Mr. J. A. Fleming, in an address before the Royal Institution, to resolve this energy into mind. He says, In its ultimate essence, energy may be incomprehensible by us except as an exhibition of the direct operation of that which we call Mind or Will.
  7. And this mind is the indwelling and ultimate. It is imminent in matter as in spirit. It is the sustaining,energizing, all pervading Spirit of the universe.
  8. Every living thing must be sustained by this omnipotent Intelligence, and we find the difference in individual lives to be largely measured by the degree of this intelligence, which they manifest. It is greater intelligence that places the animal in a higher scale of being than the plant, the human highest of the animals, and we find that this increased intelligence is again indicated by the power of the individual to control modes of action and thus to consciously adjust themselves to their environment.

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