Part Eleven - Study Question with Answers

  1. What is inductive reasoning?
    The process of the objective mind by which we compare a number of separate instances with each other until we see the common factor which gives rise to them all.
  2. What has this method of studying accomplished?
    It has resulted in the discovery of a reign of law which has marked an epoch in human progress.
  3. What is it that guides and determines action?
    It is need, want and desire which in the largest sense induce, guide and determine action.
  4. What is the formula for the perfect solution of every individual situation?
    We are to believe that our desire has already been fulfilled; its accomplishment will then follow.
  5. What great Teachers advocated it?
    Plato, Esther Hicks.
  6. What is the result of this thought process?
    We are thinking on the plane of the absolute and planting a seed, which if left alone will germinate into fruition.
  7. Why is it scientifically exact?
    Because it is Natural Law.
  8. What is Faith?
    Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.
  9. What is the Law of Attraction?
    The Law by which Faith is brought into manifestation.
  10. What importance do you attach to an understanding of this law?
    It has created the elements of law, reason, certitude and truth.

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