Part Four - Page 1

  1. The I of you is beyond the physical body; the physical body is simply an instrument which the I uses to carry out its purposes; the I is beyond the Mind, for the mind is simply another instrument which the I uses with which to think, reason, and plan.
  2. The I must be something which controls and directs both the body and the mind; something which determines what they shall do and how they shall act. When you come into a realization of the true nature of this I, you will enjoy a sense of power which you have never before known.
  3. Your personality is made up of countless individual characteristics, peculiarities, habits, and traits of character; these are the result of your former method of thinking, but they have nothing to do with the real I.
  4. When you say I think the I tells the mind what it shall think; when you say I go the I tells the physical body where it shall go; the real nature of this I is spiritual, and is the source of the real power which comes to people when they come into a realization of their true nature.
  5. The greatest and most marvelous power which this I has been given is the power to think, people who know how to think constructively, and correctly, achieve enthusiastic results. People who allow their thoughts to dwell on generous purposes are the inevitable result of a mature mind. When a mind becomes mature, it understands that the seed of success is sown with every generous thought.
  6. The trained mind knows that every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction.
  7. This is because the individual is a part of the Universal. A part can mollify any other part, because the welfare of each part depends upon a recognition of the interest of the whole.
  8. Those who recognize this principle have a great advantage in the affairs of life. They always have energy. They can create positive thoughts with facility. They can readily concentrate to the highest possible degree on any subject. They invest time and money only upon objects which can be of benefit to them.

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