Part Ten - Page 5

  1. If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature, it is in tune with the Infinite Mind, and it will form the circuit, it will return to you in full; It is possible for you to think thoughts that are in tune with the Infinite, and when there is polarity, the circuit is formed. What, then, is the result? What is the result when a dynamo is generating electricity, the circuit is connected and there is an outlet? The dynamo continues operating.
  2. It will be exactly the same with you, if you entertain thoughts which are in accordance with the Infinite and can therefore be polarized; there is a circuit, you are connected, the thoughts cling to you, inspire you, excite you, and finally bring about health and extended life; the physician may not diagnose the case exactly in this way, they may give it some fancy name which has been manufactured for the various cures which are the result of right thinking, but the cause is the same nevertheless.
  3. Constructive thought must necessarily be creative, but creative thought must be harmonious, and this invites all constructive and peaceful thought. Wisdom, strength, courage and all harmonious conditions are the result of power and we have seen that all power is from within; likewise, every abundance, freedom and beneficial circumstance is the result of strength, and strength is simply presence of power; it comes from somewhere, it is something -- this is the result of developed power, and this is accomplished in exactly the same manner that all power is developed, by exercise.
  4. This exercise consists in making an application of your knowledge. You must make the application. Abundance will not come to you out of the sky, neither will it drop into your lap, but a conscious realization of the law of attraction and the intention to bring it into operation for a certain, definite and specific purpose, and the will to carry out this purpose will bring about the materialization of your desire by a natural law of transference. If you are in business, it will increase and develop along regular channels, or possibly new and unusual channels of distribution will be opened and when the law becomes fully operative, you will find that the things you seek are seeking you.

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