Part Twenty-Four - Introduction

Enclosed you will find Part Twenty-four, your final lesson of this course.

If you have practiced each of the exercises a few minutes every day, as suggested, you will have found that you can get out of life exactly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish, and you will probably agree with the student who said: The thought is almost overwhelming, so vast, so available, so definite, so reasonable and so usable.

The fruit of this knowledge is, as it were, a gift of the Universal; it is the truth that makes people free, abundant, joyful, serene and peaceful, and, is it not wonderful to realize that this law works for all people, that it works for all habits of thought, the way has been prepared.

If you are inclined to be contemplative, the greatest contemplative teacher the world has ever known made the way so plain that all may follow. If your mental bias is toward physical science, the law will operate with mathematical certainty. If you are inclined to be philosophical, Plato or Emerson may be your teacher, but in either case, you may reach degrees of power to which it is impossible to assign any limit.

An understanding of this principle, I believe, is the secret for which the ancient Alchemists sought, because it explains how gold in the mind may be transmuted into gold in the heart and in the hand.

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