Part Fifteen - Study Questions with Answers

  1. What determines the degree of harmony which we attain?
    Our ability to appropriate what we require for our growth from each experience.
  2. What do easiness and bonuses indicate?
    That we have gained wisdom and spiritual growth.
  3. How may easiness be achieved?
    By a conscious understanding of and cooperation with Natural laws.
  4. What is the principle by which thought manifests itself in form?
    The Law of Attraction.
  5. How is the necessary material secured by which the growth, development and maturity of the idea take form?
    The law of love, which is the creative principle of the Universe, imparts vitality to the thought, and the law of attraction brings the necessary substance by the law of growth.
  6. How are desirable conditions secured?
    By only entertaining desirable thoughts.
  7. How are desirable conditions brought about?
    By thinking, discussing and visualizing conditions of abundance, freedom, health, harmony and accord of every kind. This mental photography of correct conceptions is taken up by the subconscious and the law of attraction will inevitably crystallize it into objective form. That we reap what we sow is scientifically exact.
  8. How can we achieve every kind of love, abundance, freedom, wealth and harmony?
    By instituting principle.
  9. How may we recognize principle?
    By a conscious realization of the fact that Truth invariably conquers all. All that is necessary is to turn on the light. The same principle applies to every form of non positive thought.
  10. What is the value of Insight?
    It enables us to understand the value of making application of the knowledge which we gain. Some think that knowledge needs application, which is by all means true.
To every person there openeth a way,

And the high soul climbs the high way,

To every person there openeth

A high way

And every person decideth

The way their soul shall go.

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