Part Twenty-One - Study Questions with Answers

  1. What is the real secret of power?
    The consciousness of power, because whatever we become conscious of, is invariably manifested in the objective world, is brought forth into tangible expression.
  2. What is the source of this power?
    The Universal Mind, from which all things proceed, and which is one and indivisible.
  3. How is this power being manifested?
    Through the individual, each individual is a channel whereby this energy is being differentiated in form.
  4. How may we connect with this Omnipotence?
    Our ability to think is our ability to act on this Universal Energy, and what we think is what is produced or created in the objective world.
  5. What is the result of this discovery?
    The result is marvelous, it opens unique and abundant opportunity.
  6. How, then, may we create perfect conditions?
    By becoming conscious of our Unity with the source of all power.
  7. What is one of the distinctive characteristics of the Master Mind?
    The Master Mind thinks big thoughts, the Master Mind holds ideas large enough that that is all that there is room for.
  8. How do experiences come to us?
    Through the law of attraction.
  9. How is this law brought into operation?
    By our predominant mental attitude.
  10. What is the issue between the old regime and the new?
    A question of conviction as to the nature of the Universe. The new regime recognizes the divinity of the individual, the democracy of humanity.

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