Part Twenty-Two - Page 3

  1. Let us see how the action of the subconscious mind over the body differs. Your skin may become not complete; thousands of cells begin the work of healing at once; in a few days or a few weeks the work is complete. You may even have a bone that has become not whole. No surgeon on earth can weld the parts together (I am not referring to the insertion of rods or other devices to strengthen or replace bones). They may set the bone for you, and the subjective mind will immediately begin the process of welding the parts together, and in a short time the bone is as solid as it ever was. You may swallow something that is really not good for your immediate health; the subjective mind will immediately discover the danger and make swift efforts to eliminate it. You may become infected with a non healthy bacteria; the subjective will at once commence to build a wall around the infected area and destroy the infection by absorbing it in the white blood corpuscles which it supplies for the purpose.
  2. These processes of the subconscious mind usually proceed without our personal knowledge or direction, and so long as we leave them alone the result is perfect, and, as these millions of repair cells are all intelligent and respond to our thought, they are often freed and rendered potent by our thoughts of courage, certainty, and calmness. They are like a company of workers, ready to start an important piece of work, and every time they get started on the undertaking a flow is established, and plans stay consistent, they then get courageous and complete the work.
  3. The way to health is founded on the law of vibration, which is the basis of all science, and this law is brought into operation by the mind, the world within. It is a matter of individual effort and practice. Our world of power is within; if we are wise we shall invest our time and effort in trying to deal with causes as we find them in the world within, which is an internal, the source.
  4. We shall always find the cause in the world within; by changing the cause, we change the effect.

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