Part Nineteen - Study Questions with Answers

  1. How are extremes placed in contrast?
    They are designated by distinctive names, such as inside and outside, top and bottom, light and dark, good and a single word for not good.
  2. Are these separate entities?
    No, they are parts or aspects of one Whole.
  3. What is the one creative Principle in the physical, mental and spiritual world?
    The Universal Mind, or the Eternal Energy from which all things proceed.
  4. How are we related to this creative Principle?
    By our ability to think.
  5. How does this creative Principle become operative?
    Thought is the seed, which results in action and action results in form.
  6. Upon what does form depend?
    Upon the rate of vibration.
  7. How may the rate of vibration be changed?
    By mental action.
  8. Upon what does mental action depend?
    Upon polarity, action and reaction, between the individual and the Universal.
  9. Does the creative energy originate in the individual or the Universal?
    In the Universal, but the Universal can manifest only through the individual.
  10. Why is the individual necessary?
    Because the Universal is static, and requires energy to start it in motion. This is furnished by food which is converted into energy, which in turn enables the individual to think. When the individual starts eating they start thinking; then they begin to act upon the Universal; there is consequently no longer any action or reaction; the Universal is then only pure mind in static form --mind at rest.

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