Part Sixteen - Study Questions with Answers

  1. Upon what does wealth depend?
    Upon an understanding of the creative nature of thought.
  2. Upon what does its true value consist?
    Upon its exchange value.
  3. Upon what does success depend?
    Upon spiritual power.
  4. Upon what does this power depend?
    Upon use; use determines its existence.
  5. How may we seize our fate?
    By consciously realizing the conditions which we desire to see manifested in our lives.
  6. What then is the great business of life?
  7. Why is this so?
    Because thought is spiritual and therefore creative. To consciously control thought is therefore to control circumstances, conditions, environment and destiny.
  8. What is the source of all good?
    Scientific correct thinking.
  9. What is scientific thinking?
    A recognition of the creative nature of spiritual energy and our ability to control it.
The greatest events of an age are its best thoughts. It is the nature of thought to find its way into action.

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