Part Twelve - Page 2

  1. This practical working method can come to you when you learn that the only real power which you can have is the power to adjust yourself to Divine and permanent principles. The Infinite is permanent and perfect, and you can come into an understanding of Natural laws. The reward of this understanding is a conscious realization of your ability to adjust your thought faculties with the Universal Thought which is Omnipresent. Your ability to cooperate with this Omnipotence will indicate the degree of success with which you meet.
  2. The power of thought has some truths which are fascinating, and when followed the results are helpful.
  3. Of course, peace, love, and all positive thoughts produce a crop after their kind; those who harbor thoughts of this kind must inevitably reap what they have sown.
  4. Again, there are the Truth seekers who nibble on the proofs and demonstration obtained from focusing on an ideal. They close their mental doors and soak themselves in the most rejuvenating currents which can be found in the world within. They understand that it is the ability to become positive, receptive and active, and thus charge themselves full of all vital force, which enables them to bring about these vibratory thought forms.
  5. In some instances, hypnotism is positively helpful to the subject as well as the operator. One familiar with the laws governing in the mental world would respect the will of another, for by so doing, they will gradually (but surely) invest themselves with more power.
  6. There is great fascination in a true understanding of the world of power within, a power which increases with use; is permanent; which not only is potent as an agency to bring about the cause for future accuracy and results of right thinking, but is an agency keeping us safe and secure, and finally is an actual creative force with which we can build new conditions and new environment.

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