Part Seven - Page 3

  1. If you can conscientiously follow these directions, you will develop Faith, the kind of Faith that is the Substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; you will develop confidence, the kind of confidence that leads to endurance and courage; you will develop the power of concentration which will enable you to focus only on the thoughts which are associated with your purpose.
  2. The law is that thought will manifest in form, and only one who knows how to be the divine thinker of their own thoughts can ever take a Master's place and speak with authority.
  3. Clearness and accuracy are obtained only by repeatedly having the image in mind. Each repeated action renders the image more clear and accurate than the preceding, and in proportion to the clearness and accuracy of the image will the outward manifestation be. You must build it firmly and securely in your mental world, the world within, before it can take form in the world without, and you can build something of value in the mental world only when you have the proper material. When you have the right material you can build anything you wish, but make sure of your material. You can only make wonderful broadcloth from fine silk.
  4. This material will be brought out by millions of silent mental workers and fashioned into the form of the image which you have in mind.
  5. Think of it! You have over five million of these mental workers, ready and in active use; brain cells they are called. Besides this, there is another reserve force of at least an equal number, ready to be called into action at the slightest need. Your power to think, then, is almost unlimited, and this means that your power to create the kind of material which is necessary to build for yourself any kind of environment which you desire is practically unlimited.

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