Part Seven - Page 6

  1. We must plant the seed and leave it. But we are to get up and do something, by all means; we will do more and better work then we have ever done before, new channels will constantly be provided, new doors will open; all that is necessary is to have an open mind, be ready to act when the time comes.
  2. Thought force is the most powerful means of obtaining knowledge, and if concentrated on any subject will be solved. Everything is within the power of human comprehension, but in order to harness thought force and make it do your bidding, work is required.
  3. Remember that thought is the fire that creates the steam that turns the wheel of fortune, upon which your experiences depend.
  4. Ask yourself a few questions and then reverently await the response; do you not now and then feel the self with you? Do you assert this self? Remember that it is only the few that lead. It was the few that jumped at the opportunity to be the first to use the steam engine, the power loom and every other advance or improvement ever suggested.
  5. For your exercise this week, visualize your friend, see them exactly as you last saw them, see the room, the furniture, recall the conversation, now see their face, see it distinctly, now talk to them about some subject of mutual interest; see their expression change, watch them smile. Can you do this? All right, you can; then arouse their interest, tell them a story of adventure, see their eyes light up with the spirit of fun and excitement. Can you do all of this? If so, your imagination is good, you are making excellent progress.

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