Part Six - Page 4

  1. Try it, you who have had experience in concentrating the thought on a definite purpose or object. Choose any single object and concentrate your attention on it for a definite purpose for ten minutes; you can do it; the mind will focus steadily on the original purpose, and the effect will have been won and at the end of the ten minutes something will have been gained, because you have been able to hold your thought steadily to the purpose.
  2. It is, however, through attention that you will finally be able to clear your path onward and upward, and the only way to acquire this wonderful power is by practice -- practice makes perfect, in this as in anything else.
  3. In order to cultivate the power of attention, bring a photograph with you to the same seat in the same room in the same position as heretofore. Examine it closely at least ten minutes, note the expression of the eyes, the form of the features, the clothing, the way the hair is arranged; in fact, note every detail shown on the photograph carefully. Now cover it and close your eyes and try to see it mentally; if you can see every detail perfectly and can form a good mental image of the photograph, you are to be congratulated; if not, repeat the process until you can.
  4. This step is simply for the purpose of preparing the soil; next week we shall be ready to sow the seed.
  5. It is by such exercises as these that you will finally be able to control your mental moods, your attitude, your consciousness.
  6. Great financiers are learning to withdraw to solitude more and more, that they may have more time for planning, thinking and generating the right mental moods.
  7. Successful business people are constantly demonstrating the fact that it pays to keep in touch with the thought of other successful business people.

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