Part Six - Page 5

  1. A single idea may be worth millions of dollars, and these ideas can only come to those who are receptive, who are prepared to receive them, who are in a successful frame of mind.
  2. People are learning to place themselves in harmony with the Universal Mind; they are learning the unity of all things; they are learning the basic methods and principles of thinking, and this is changing conditions and multiplying results.
  3. They are finding that circumstances and environment follow the trend of mental and spiritual progress; they find that growth follows knowledge; action follows inspiration; opportunity follows perception; always the spiritual first, then the transformation into the infinite and illimitable possibilities of achievement.
  4. As the individual is but the channel for the differentiation of the Universal, these possibilities are necessarily inexhaustible.
  5. Thought is the process by which we may absorb the Spirit of Power, and hold the result in our inner consciousness until it becomes a part of our ordinary consciousness. The method of accomplishing this result by the persistent practice of a few fundamental principles, as explained in this System, is the master-key which unlocks the storehouse of Universal Truth.
  6. The two great sources of human thriving at present are bodily health and mental calmness. These may be readily traced to the observance of Natural Law. This is, no doubt, owing to the fact that knowledge has largely become complete, the blue sky has been revealed recently and with it many of the joys that attend perfect information.
That a person can change themselves, improve themselves, re-create themselves, control their environment, and master their own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action. - Inspired by Larson

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