Part Ten - Page 4

  1. In taking advantage of the wonderful possibilities opened up to us through the operation of this law, we must remember that we ourselves contribute nothing to its efficacy. It is the Infinite that does the work. We simply comply with the law, and the All-originating Mind will bring about the result.
  2. The great truth of the present day is the idea that we can let the Infinite proceed to bring about a specific purpose or result. The Universal Mind can be depended upon to find the ways and means for bringing about any necessary manifestation. We must, however, create the ideal, and this ideal should be perfect.
  3. We know that the laws governing Electricity have been formulated in such a way that this invisible power can be controlled and used for our benefit and comfort in thousands of ways. We know that messages are carried around the world, that ponderous machinery does its bidding, that it now illuminates practically the whole world, but we know too that if we consciously and intelligently respect its law by only touching the protective coating of a live wire, when it is properly insulated, the result will be safe. A full understanding of the laws governing in the invisible world has the same result, and many are enjoying the consequences all the time.
  4. It has been explained that the law of causation depends upon polarity, a circuit must be formed; this circuit can be formed only if we operate in harmony with the law. How shall we operate in harmony with the law unless we know what the law is? How shall we know what the Law is? By study, by observation.
  5. We see the law in operation everywhere; all nature testifies to the operation of the law by silently, constantly expressing itself in the law of growth. Where there is growth, there must be life; where there is life there must be harmony, so that everything that has life is constantly attracting to itself the conditions and the supply which is necessary for its most complete expression.

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