Part Ten - Study Questions with Answers

  1. What is Wealth?
    Wealth is the offspring of power.
  2. Of what value are possessions?
    Possessions are of value only as they confer power.
  3. Of what value is a knowledge of cause and effect?
    It enables people to plan courageously and execute confidently.
  4. How does life originate in the inorganic world?
    Only by the introduction of some living form.
  5. What is the connecting link between the finite and the Infinite?
    Thought is the connecting link.
  6. Why is that so?
    Because the Universal can manifest only through the individual.
  7. Upon what does causation depend?
    Upon polarity; a circuit must be formed; the Universal is the positive side of the battery of life, the individual is the negative, and thought forms the circuit.
  8. Why do some succeed to secure harmonious conditions?
    They understand the law; there is polarity; they have formed the circuit.
  9. What is the process?
    A conscious recognition of the law of attraction with the intention of bringing it into existence for a definite purpose.
  10. What will be the result?
    Thought will correlate with its object and bring it into manifestation, because thought is a product of the spiritual person, and spirit is the creative Principle of the Universe.
A vivid thought brings the power to paint it; and in proportion to the depth of its source is the force of its projection. - Emerson

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