Part Twenty-Three - Page 2

  1. A generous thought is filled with strength and vitality, a generous thought contains the seeds of growth; it will grow and thrive. Great financiers are simply channels for the distribution of wealth; enormous amounts come and go, and it is as beneficial to have the outgo as the income; both ends must remain open; and so our greatest success will come as we recognize that it is just as essential to give as to get.
  2. If we recognize the Omnipotent power that is the source of all supply we will adjust our consciousness to this supply in such a way that it will constantly attract all that is necessary to itself and we shall find that the more we give the more we get. Giving in this sense implies service. The banker gives their money, the merchant gives their goods, the author gives their thought, the worker gives their skill; all have something to give, but the more they can give, the more they get, and the more they get the more they are enabled to give.
  3. The financier gets much because they give much; they think; they are a person that does their own thinking; they want to know how results are to be secured; you must show them; when you can do this they will furnish the means by which hundreds or thousands may profit, and in proportion as they are successful will the financier be successful. Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and others got rich because they made money for other people; it is because they made money for other people that they became the wealthiest men in the wealthiest country on the globe.
  4. Some people are deep thinking; they analyse the ideas of others, and improve them, in very much the same way as evolution; this is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to form private knowledge, this active attitude on the part of some who seem perfectly willing to do all their thinking for themselves is what enables a few people in a great many countries to usurp all the avenues of power and free the millions. Creative thinking requires attention.

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