Part Twenty-Three - Page 4

  1. He said to me, in substance: I know that all things that 'work out' in business are the result of Thought; anyone knows that. Just now, I seem to not have any thoughts or good ideas. But, if this 'All-Mind' teaching is correct, it should be possible for the individual to attain a 'direct connection' with Infinite Mind; and in Infinite Mind there must be the possibility of all kinds of good ideas which a man of my courage and experience could put to practical use in the business world, and make a big success thereof. It looks good to me; and I am going to look into it.
  2. This was several years ago. The other day I heard of this man again. Talking to a friend, I said: What has come of our old friend X? Has he ever gotten on his feet again? The friend looked at me in amazement. Why, said he, don't you know about X's great success? He is the Big Man in the '_________ Company' (naming a concern which has made a phenomenal success during the last eighteen months and is now well known, by reason of its advertisements, from one end of the country to another, and also abroad). He is the man who supplied the BIG IDEA for that concern. Why, he is about a half-million to the good and is moving rapidly toward the million mark; all in the space of eighteen months. I had not connected this man with the enterprise mentioned; although I knew of the wonderful success of the company in question. Investigation has shown that the story is true, and that the above stated facts are completely accurate.
  3. Now, what do you think of that? To me, it means that this man actually made the direct connection with Infinite Mind -- Spirit -- and, having found it, he set it to work for him. He used it in his business.

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